Writing my way through prioritizing

I have always been wondering how all  famous and big writers have written their stories and novels  the way they did. I wonder if they were predestined for such a task or if they were just born with a miracles talent given by their Lord . I am not disposed to maintain that I am a writer or even that I have a desire for such a thing, I don’t think I will be able to write the way they did or tell my story like they did. It is like all fields have been covered, all kinds of spheres have been reached, all kinds of domains have been examined and discussed.

I come back after a while, to wonder that sometimes we all in our most exasperating and awkward moments of life that we get into , we come across new different roads that we chose not to take or that we find no strength to take.Perhaps, not because our bodies have been overridden by this irritating and self-destructive moments. But, rather by the infinite plans that we keep overridden our minds with. Today I chose to priorities my goals and plans once and for all , so that I can move on.


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