I was reading this post Don’t be so hard on yourself, and I started to think about myself. The last past two weeks I have been hard on myself for not knowing. Not knowing how to deal with different situations, not knowing how to act and respond to some cases ,and what is worse not knowing how to interact with my friends or other people. This sense of not knowing is so elusive or very devastating that it is overlapping me from the inside out. This overriding sense is torturing, confusing, and disturbing me. I am being hard on myself to be overridden by such negativity, blaming but myself, is it fair ? I know not … but every time it happens I only put myself to bed and swim into the tide of oblivion.



7 thoughts on “Knowing”

      1. perhaps for now finding refuge in nature, such as a park. Breathe with awareness while recognizing a connection to trees and whatever can be seen, heard and touched. in the future there may be a group where other’s share their difficulties, and where you feel safe.


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