November 23; The Tunisian Presidential Election


As a member in the Tunisian Association for the Integrity of Elections and Democracy ( ATIDE) I will be a witness for the Presidential Elections that take place the 23 of November. This national and non-governmental organization has been there in the two previous parliamentary elections as a significant association that has watched and observed the Electoral process. As a part of this organization I am very glad to have and enjoy such an experience for it is and will remain one of the uplifting recollections.

Although tomorrow I am going to choose one of the delegates to be my president for the next five years- and this is the question that is making me write this post- I wonder what would make a 22 years old man like myself would choose one of this delegates ? what would make me choose one of them who are very old and creepy ? those who have been manipulating us the people and youth! we made a revolution so that youth could be empowered and  speak his mind and have a saying in his future, however, one of the delegates is over eighty, scientifically he has nothing to give right ? how is he going to deal with all what this country and people are hoping for? My work with this organization is a voluntary work  and as a part of the civil society , there is a saying that says” there is nothing stronger than a voluntary heart “. I am part of many others that though we have been overridden by politics, manipulation, and twisted speeches I still have to wear my badge tomorrow and be there in the voting center so that I may not be guilty in the eyes of the next generations .


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