One Hell of a Flair

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Got Skills.”

If I get to chose a skill as the prompt suggests, it will be acting. Though, sometimes I feel that I am already possessed by such a flair, acting is the master I wish to acquire. If I am an actor I would like to perform in a play and on theater. I like theater more than movies or series.

Acting on a stage and playing your role in front of a lively audience is much stronger. Upon the stage the actor is performing his act here and now, which means that there won’t be repeated shoots or editing at the end like in movies. The actor has to be honest, accurate,sincere and most of all has a strong stage presence, so that his performance enters into the audience hearts and shape their thoughts.

To end up, I like to act on a stage and in front of a real audience even if I will get less money in return, usually this is what happen right ? Although, I am possessed by one hell of a flair, I won’t seek money or richness.I will seek my muse.

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