Hand full of nothing

It has been a while since i wrote something on my blog. it is not that i can’t find a topic to talk about anymore,but because i am getting into a routine that i can’t get myself out of it.

I am currently unemployed, it has been 5 months, I hate all my laziness and boredom and doing nothing. well i am only unemployed for 5 months and I just hate myself. it’s only five months, what if i have 2 or 4 years of unemployment. how is it going to be like? super crazy. unfortunately, this is what you get here in Tunisia after you graduate, you go home,you stay , wait… wait a little more … come back tomorrow… next day?! and here it goes 5 months and nothing happens. the Government,you said ! well yeah still have more problems than unemployment…. revolution against indignity, unemployment, and corruption is twisted by knives and killed by association. an echo of a revolution that is mitigating  day by day  as the voices of the world  are getting louder and louder.

Getting a job is a mirage or perhaps a privilege, fighting terrorism must have a clear public strategy. half measures will not stop the killing or those crazy Jihadists. an educational system won’t change much or be cured if you only change time tables or the schedule of the exams.

I did not write for a while not because i can’t find a topic as you may see, but, because there are too many I guess. Our country is having plenty of public discussions every week, everyday, and every hour. Discussions that , sometimes, seem too real to be true, too mixed up to understand.


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