Day 28 of my EVS I wrote

I have been 28 days now in the Czech republic and I have to admit that it’s the best thing that happened to me. When I knew about EVS for the first time I just wanted to do it for the sake of doing it. The idea that there is another world beyond this sea that I have spent my hole life watching from the farm where I used to live. I have always knew for a mere intuition that there is more in life than that, that I can do more things, that I have been burning down my opportunities.

I have been accepted in the project in January 2018 and from that time I stood still waiting for the time I will start my journey. Well, now after 28 days, I know that I am not really doing much, but, I know that I am learning many things, not only about the Czech republic and the people that I am encountering here, but, also I am learning about myself.

“There is no one who stops you from doing things except yourself” I know for sure now how much time I lost doing so little with my life. I am writing these words with remorse and anticipation. Remorse for the long days journey I spent doing so little with my life, not trying to strive for my own independence, and also for believing that one person can not change anything, which is an idea that had penetrated my head some time before going to college and made me give up. Anticipation, which is my expectation that I am going to change myself and work now on my personal development, I am not holding my horses any longer, because, I have always knew that there is more in me than meets the eye.

This month went really fast and it made me realize that time is something too important, especially if you were raised in a place where time is something utterly ignored.

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