Saturday 30th of November

Saturday 30th of November, I went for a hike with my mentor and here friends at Velke Brezno, it was nice to meet new people and to do something new for the weekend.

I had the feeling that the people I meet were kind of bored or they were less excited, maybe because they have went through the track before or maybe because they did not have something else to do. I was reluctant to speak to them, except for my mentor and here boy friend Jan. Jan and I talked about different subjects, he also ordered a Czech typical meal for me, and one of his friends tried to show me the appropriate way to eat using the fork and knife.

I was embarrassed for sure, because, I wanted to do it myself, also, there was this guy who sat next to us at the restaurant. The funny thing, which I did not know at that time and I only knew it latter, this guy was a regular costumer at that restaurant. He chose to set with us because it was his place and chair I was setting in. Of course I did not know, and the friends I was with they bought him a beer and one shot. I knew he was looking at me half of the time. It was okey , I was not upset about it, I only thought that he recognizes that I am a foreigner or just observing my silly way of treating and eating that typical Czech plate. Well, the most important thing I learned about that day was that I still feel no confident in myself, I still feel embarrassed to ask for help especially form the people that I don’t know.

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