canva-photo-editorΜy name is Wissem Chaabane, I am 25, from Tunisia. I am creating this blog to be part of the Word Press community, to help myself improve my English language and writing as well as to share some of my own thoughts and experiences.

I have joined this community, because, I have seen many powerful and thoughtful writings. I have also discovered that “writing can be an active way of getting in touch with your special ideas and feelings. You will see that through writing, you can learn more about the kind of person you are and the kind of person you want to be, and that you can have a good time doing it! ” (Writing Power by Louise Hill Graham, Miriam Keiner Young)

I am not at all a writing figure, but, I like the little joy that I get after finishing a post. It’s really a thrilling experience. Although, my blog is not prolific and I am not really keeping a constant writing habit, I very much like this little space where I can share my thoughts with other people. Sometimes, I write something and get the idea that it’s not worth publishing, but then, I fight with that little sound of internal censorship. And reluctantly, click the publish button. After a while, I find out that my post was not that bad after all and that many others have enjoyed reading it, that’s my most thrilling pleasure I certainly find myself addicted to keep.

In 2015, I had my bachelor in English language, literature, and civilization from the Higher Institute of Human Sciences of Tunis. After that, I decided to get my masters in philosophy, but, I couldn’t make it, because, I gave up after six months. I guess I am more into discussing big rambling ideas than actually studying them. I worked as a language helper at Marhababik . My main task was to help our foreign participators learn the Tunisian Dialect using the (Growing Participator Approach) to language teaching that is meant to nurture our participants and help them immerse easily into our Tunisian culture and way of life. I have made a good teaching experience and met very decent people.


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