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Saturday 30th of November

Saturday 30th of November, I went for a hike with my mentor and here friends at Velke Brezno, it was nice to meet new people and to do something new for the weekend.

I had the feeling that the people I meet were kind of bored or they were less excited, maybe because they have went through the track before or maybe because they did not have something else to do. I was reluctant to speak to them, except for my mentor and here boy friend Jan. Jan and I talked about different subjects, he also ordered a Czech typical meal for me, and one of his friends tried to show me the appropriate way to eat using the fork and knife.

I was embarrassed for sure, because, I wanted to do it myself, also, there was this guy who sat next to us at the restaurant. The funny thing, which I did not know at that time and I only knew it latter, this guy was a regular costumer at that restaurant. He chose to set with us because it was his place and chair I was setting in. Of course I did not know, and the friends I was with they bought him a beer and one shot. I knew he was looking at me half of the time. It was okey , I was not upset about it, I only thought that he recognizes that I am a foreigner or just observing my silly way of treating and eating that typical Czech plate. Well, the most important thing I learned about that day was that I still feel no confident in myself, I still feel embarrassed to ask for help especially form the people that I don’t know.

Day 28 of my EVS I wrote

I have been 28 days now in the Czech republic and I have to admit that it’s the best thing that happened to me. When I knew about EVS for the first time I just wanted to do it for the sake of doing it. The idea that there is another world beyond this sea that I have spent my hole life watching from the farm where I used to live. I have always knew for a mere intuition that there is more in life than that, that I can do more things, that I have been burning down my opportunities.

I have been accepted in the project in January 2018 and from that time I stood still waiting for the time I will start my journey. Well, now after 28 days, I know that I am not really doing much, but, I know that I am learning many things, not only about the Czech republic and the people that I am encountering here, but, also I am learning about myself.

“There is no one who stops you from doing things except yourself” I know for sure now how much time I lost doing so little with my life. I am writing these words with remorse and anticipation. Remorse for the long days journey I spent doing so little with my life, not trying to strive for my own independence, and also for believing that one person can not change anything, which is an idea that had penetrated my head some time before going to college and made me give up. Anticipation, which is my expectation that I am going to change myself and work now on my personal development, I am not holding my horses any longer, because, I have always knew that there is more in me than meets the eye.

This month went really fast and it made me realize that time is something too important, especially if you were raised in a place where time is something utterly ignored.

The interview

Hello, Wissem, you are in Ústí nad Labem via project Volunteering activities (under Erasmus+ programme). What was your motivation to take part in sucha a project?

The idea of traveling and going abroad has always been a dream and a mere idea for me, I just didn‘t know when or where I will go. But, since I have learned about EVS in 2016 and that you can have this experience of going abroad as a volunteer I realized that this dream can come true under the frame work of Erasmus+ program. And, what motivated me in the first place was this exploration of new culture and people, to learn about other traditions and new ways of life, and at the same time to learn more about myself and my culture. Moreover, after I graduated university in 2015 I was not sure what I will do. And, this is the second reason which motivated me to choose this project at the library, where I can work with librarians and learn about their work, where I can gain experience in teaching, lesson preparation, to understand more about non-formal education, workshops and games as well as to turn knowledge and ideas into concrete material and practice.

What was the hardest part for you – if there was any?

I believe that the hardest part for me was these few past days, I was feeling up and down since I came. My mind was in a set of alert, every thing is new and seems strange. I felt pressured, intimidated, unprepared, and I was culturally shocked that I had the feeling that I forgot why I was here in the first place. These few past days were “too real to be true“. But, I think after I went to the on arrival training, I am less in alert, less intimidated, and that I am no longer swimming against the tide, in other words, I am starting to enjoy the journey.

What will you do in the library and how long will you stay?

I am going to stay here for seven months until the first of July and my main tasks in the library would be to help in the different departments of the library, to learn about the work of librarians, to create and play games with children in the children‘ s department, to lend books to the clients of the library and to return books.

Moreover, I am going to have some presentations about Tunisia for the public and the people of Usti, where they can explore the Tunisian culture and traditions, the Tunisian history and way of life, and what makes Tunisia the country that it is today. Moreover, I am going to animate the English club through more games to play and themes to discuss. And also, I am going to have a french club with librarians. Finally, The other thing that I will do here is to have an Arabic club.

You mentioned English Club (nonformal meeting of people who like to speak in English). I know that you prepare also Arabic Club to let people know more about Tunisian culture. Can you tell me more about it (how often it will be, which day, and about the topics and format of the club)?

I believe it will be more about Arabic language (Tunisian dialect) at first, and more about Tunisian history. I am not really sure what else we can have right now, but, I will rely on my interactions and encounters with the people here to find out more about what things they would like to explore and I believe that the Arabic club would be more of a non formal place for exchange and bridging up between our cultures. (Calligraphy in Arabic) and (Tunisian pottery) (Tunisian Films, music and dance)

You have been in the Czech Republic since 27th November. Is there anything you like about the Czech Republic?

Well, although, I was struggling a bit in my head with all the waves of new things I was seeing. But, I really found that this country is beautiful with its mountains and rivers, I did not really expect that. I also found out that Czech republic has a huge history and a ravishing architecture. And, the soup! too many soups!

And something that surprised you (either in good way or bad way)?

What surprised me in a good way was the sophistication of the country, everything seems organized and on time, especially the means of transportation we don‘t have this punctuality in Tunisia. What surprised me also is the weather, it was really shocking, I am still adjusting to it.

Thank you for your answer and wish you nice days in the Czech Republic and a lot of nice experience in your project.  49289651_296041047780267_370539090757550080_n.jpg

I am finally in the Czech Republic for my EVS

I am finally here! after a very long wait ! I have started my EVS journey in the Czech republic. I arrived in November the 27th to meet my project coordinator Zuzana Parizkova and here son at the airport. Then we went to Usti Nad Labem by car. After one and half hour drive we arrived at Usti where we went to meet the director of the north bohemian research library. I had a warm welcoming and the director offered one special home-made drink!  after the coffee and the cookies. we talked about my flight, the project and the activities I am going to undertake. after that, we went to the dorm where I will stay for 7 months of my mobility. And, then  we went to meet my mentor Eliska at an italian pizza restaurant.ThTDba

We talked a bit, exchanged contacts, and ate. My project coordinator had to leave and I stayed for a while with my mentor Eliska. she showed me where I can shop and the place around the dorm. ( written on the night of the 27th of November)… the few days after that I was culturally shocked…


EVS vacancy in France

FAVORISER L’ÉDUCATION INTERCULTURELLE Location: Saint Brieuc – France Period: 01/09/2017 – 30/06/2018 Deadline: 26 March 2017 In a small high school (415 students), the volunteer will propose cultural and intercultural activities for high school students, will drive the actions of students and CVL in terms of international exposure and cross-cultural discovery may animating school life times in a […]

via EVS vacancy in France — Find EVS

Dead days are turning into restless nights


If we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you how I have been doing nothing for the several previous months. How I am really frustrated by this fact and furious at myself. It’s a long monotonous setback that is getting profound every morning and violent everyday; you open your eyes in bed in the morning and you realize nothing is going to happen today, you are going to get up, wash your face, and talk to yourself in the mirror about the things you wish and never get, about the things you like and never do, about the thing you’ve become, and the things you would never be.

If we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you how my nights are turning into days, and days are becoming nights, as if I am living in a realm beyond the realm of humans, hunting movies and series on my computer screen at night and sleeping more than cats in daylight. Yes, Things have been upside down for a while now, dead days are bleeding into restless nights, trying to find an ultimate escape into the virtual world of the Internet, video games, movies, and fiction; shutting down my thoughts and inner conscience from surfacing, and filling my brain cells with unlimited supply of pixels to maintain a state of numbness and unawareness.

If we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you that I am running out of steam, even the slightest simple pleasures of eating, drinking or having a cigarette are growing tedious. Unable to concentrate or focus on a simple task. I know that there is nothing that stops you from finding yourself, except yourself and that’s what is irritating me even more, because, somehow I am aware that I am sucked into self-destruction. But, at the same time I feel trapped, as if someone is trying to get out from moving sand. The more you lament, or go tough on yourself to take a stand, and find your way out, the deeper you sink into a larger vacuum. A dimension that is twice away from finding yourself, and thrice away from getting back your self-esteem and motivation.

If we were having coffee, I would say thank your  for your time and listening . I know we have just meet and I am already bothering with this much talk. So, tell me how was your week? And how  are you doing ?

Why study Philosophy ?


Why study philosophy is the important question that I have been asked all over this week from my friends or the people who learn that I am taking a Master in philosophy, particularly, those people I have met in class and one teacher that happens to be the head of our Philosophy Department.

Since I have enrolled at the beginning of this month in this Master I have denied myself to answer the question. I was not going to get back to class this year, so why I bother to find an answer.

First, I don’t know why I have chosen to study philosophy, but as I knew that I won’t have a chance to continue my Master’s in English last June after graduation. I had two alternatives, either I choose philosophy or sociology. Honestly, my inclinations were in the favor of the latter, but as it was not easy to apply and that I may waste my time for applying to something I may not get I have decided to apply for a Master’s in philosophy.

In our university there are two kinds of specialties in philosophy, the first one was for those who already had their License Degree in philosophy and spend three years doing it. The second one was open for those who had been studying  in different fields such as Arabic literature, English language, history… .

I have asked myself this question many times and all I can find out was that staying at University is better than staying home unemployed for example. I may not have an answer now, but, I may find out when I study philosophy or I maybe not.

I sometimes realize  that I am not good in making my own decisions that’s why I keep it open, or maybe that’s why I choose philosophy because it is also an open area open to different people, to different interpretations, and to different topics and questions.

the Main reason I am writing this post is not only to try to explain to myself why I’ve chosen to study philosophy, but also because I have been called by some of my classmates  a Stranger to philosophy an out-caste, because, I don’t come from philosophy as my main specialty as most of them do. It is like philosophy is an exclusive privilege for people who only study it.

The way I see it, philosophy is open to everyone, even if you don’t get it much. And, I don’t really get it much, but I ‘ll try my best, especially after I was called an out-cast. I will try to use this as a challenge and strive to do my best.


Educate For Jobs

Yesterday when our teacher was giving back our grades and the exam sheets She said ” if you are learning something, you should learn it for the rest of your life. And not learn to just sit for an exam”. Honestly, I understand why she said so, because, she asked a question that was included in the exam. However, the whole class remained silent and no one could answer her ,no one seemed to even remember the questions that were in the exam.

After a few jokes from the teacher about how we are having a fish memory that only lasts for few seconds. And how we are becoming more and more mind-absent this days. We answered her question and corrected the exam. The thing here is that we are becoming more interested in exams and grades, than learning or any other thing . This is a fact that neither my classmates or I can deny. Here, I am in no position to say with any confidence why we are unlikely to take any interest in learning, but, I see good reasons why we do so. Before I start stating the obvious reasons. I would like first to define learning the way I see it.

what I mean by learning is this very long process that we have to endure from the moment where we turn to be six years old and start school. At that time we have no clue about life or what we are going to be in the future. However, by and by when we get to college and we are likely to meet with the market and employment. It’s true that we have to be competent, skillful, and original. Whereas, we need also to have a degree that will guarantee a job in the first place.

When I was in primary and high school I used to learn for the sake of learning. I used to learn because I liked what I am learning, I used to learn because I had no reservations about the future. I used to have no reasons to think about employment or jobs. Maybe I had a dream job that was my main motive for education, for learning,  and for knowledge.

Today this old motivation has to mitigate by the reality that we come to face. when I know that there is about one million unemployed person that half of them have their high degrees, but, they have been unemployed for 3 years or more. When I know that there is about a four hundred thousand undergraduates and post-graduates where 80 thousand of them are most likely to face unemployment the next year of graduation, such a motivation have to fade away sooner or latter. When I know that I have been tricked to choose a branch that does not employ, but only in the public sector. I have to admit that I am no more interested in learning, more than I am interested in getting a job when I graduate.

When families have to pay for their children’s education and then keep paying and paying without getting something in return, without knowing that their son or daughter are likely to get a job at the end of the tunnel and to have a better future than their families had. I totally see my teacher’s view, however, I am convinced now than before that grades are what will get me to have a degree and a job, even if I know that I won’t be very knowledgeable or less cultivated.

A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time

What was the last picture you took? Tell us the story behind it. (No story behind the photo? Make one up, or choose the last picture you took that had one.)

Last Sunday ,we went to Kesra ,which is a city in west-central Tunisia situated on the northern edge of Tunisia. I know that the prompt asks only for one picture, but, here they are…



A set of a magnificent interrelated mountainous that pleases the eye.

3753_nkesra 78566483_n

We went there to deliver some help to the very needy people of this town as part of our duty. Honestly I was shocked by the rawness of the place. I am in no position to say with any confidence why the people of kesra or many other inner Tunisia towns won’t take any interest in politics, culture, or education. But, I can see good reasons to do so.

it’s just a post

After three weeks in the capital I am finally at home for the weekend. As a student among many others endeavoring their way for graduation and academic success, it is a joy to go back home and meet the family  members. The last few weeks where really tough, I was undermined by many successive  exams that almost killed me. Exams… what a nightmare !

Actually, I had gained some insight during those few weeks, because, under a certain amount of pressure I was able to manage myself. This is my last year as an undergraduate student and I am more determined to fulfill my goal and get my diploma.

My family is really contributing a lot for my academic and living expenses, I am in debt for all their efforts. And it will be great to graduate this year.



November 23; The Tunisian Presidential Election


As a member in the Tunisian Association for the Integrity of Elections and Democracy ( ATIDE) I will be a witness for the Presidential Elections that take place the 23 of November. This national and non-governmental organization has been there in the two previous parliamentary elections as a significant association that has watched and observed the Electoral process. As a part of this organization I am very glad to have and enjoy such an experience for it is and will remain one of the uplifting recollections.

Although tomorrow I am going to choose one of the delegates to be my president for the next five years- and this is the question that is making me write this post- I wonder what would make a 22 years old man like myself would choose one of this delegates ? what would make me choose one of them who are very old and creepy ? those who have been manipulating us the people and youth! we made a revolution so that youth could be empowered and  speak his mind and have a saying in his future, however, one of the delegates is over eighty, scientifically he has nothing to give right ? how is he going to deal with all what this country and people are hoping for? My work with this organization is a voluntary work  and as a part of the civil society , there is a saying that says” there is nothing stronger than a voluntary heart “. I am part of many others that though we have been overridden by politics, manipulation, and twisted speeches I still have to wear my badge tomorrow and be there in the voting center so that I may not be guilty in the eyes of the next generations .


A mirror page

Today I  sit for my translation exam and I didn’t really do well, I didn’t manage my time very well so I have got a little  confused at the end. I am hopping to get an average mark though I doubt it. I am writing this post here so that I get rid of the strong bad thoughts that have overridden my head this afternoon. Besides, I have to admit that I have under estimated the exam as well making a better preparation. translating official documents is what we do in translation and most of the time we translate from Arabic to English. I think I should not go hard on myself right ? Then, I am still in the beginning of year and there is a lot of other exams that need my fall attention now. I think reconciliation with ones-self  is good in order to get rid of negativity and to focus on what is coming next.

Although I may not done well in my translation exam, I believe that I did good in Teaching English As a Foreign Language, I have been active in the class and I have shared one old story when I was in high school and how I cheated in my English exam. Everyone has laughed ! In the TEFL subject we were talking about exams, why we sit for exams ? how we design an exam ? And how we administer an exam? I think I should not blame myself too much, because one way or another exams are made to give as students a clear idea on where do we stand and how much did we acquire ?  I have to admit that translation is about structure and if I didn’t do well in my test is because I still need to do more practice right?


“The Get Ready “AIESEC Tunisia National Conference

This last weekend was one of the best weekends I have ever seen so far. I have read many books about motivation and self-improvement;books such as Mind compass or 28 days of success are merely books. However, being with around 700 other people like you attending an amazing motivational conference would be in a word unforgettable, right ?

I have attended AIESEC Tunisia National conference the “Get Ready” and I am really tickled by what I have seen. A combination of vivid youth eager for knowledge and dynamic presentation and material have metamorphosed me. I have just been proved to be an AIESEC member with the local committee Nabel and I am glad that I have taken such a step in my life. One step forward can and will bring other steps that’s the insight I learned in this weekend and yet this is all I have to know for now.

First Interview Experience; AIESEC Nabel

My interview with AIESEC on September 26 was my first interview ever ! Maybe I had an idea about how to prepare yourself for an interview,but it was only theoretically. I was not even really prepared for the interview. The day I was on my way to Nabel Local committee all my way , that faint voice that sticks to your head, was suffocating me with dozens of questions and thoughts about what I am going to say. What if I would be asked or how I am going to answer any question. Thoughts, like who I am going to meet a man or a girl, how they would be like, what kind of people they are going to be. All those rumbling thoughts where torturing me from the moment I woke up that morning on September 26 to the moment I meet  those 2 boys and a girl at the entry to the Local committee-the place where I am supposed to set for my interview with AIESEC Nabel. I was supposed to be there on 14:30 pm, whereas I was there around 13:10 pm I reckon. Well, here don’t get the impression that I am someone who is very accurate in time, but, because I was really confused, and I was struggling with my conformable zone, I was there very early.

My interview was going good until the question of try to sell me anything from the room like a purse, a wallet, or anything else. All, you have to do was to try to convince my interviewer to buy it. This question was not my type, because I am not at all a buying or selling figure or in the domain of business. I was confused, and got disturbed. My second mistake was funny,but also it was a bad mistake for a starter like myself. The mistake was that I forgot the name of my interviewer,which now I remember. Although, I had made  those mistakes I was accepted to be invited to the welcoming day and that was very exciting for me. AIESEC is a very crucial opportunity for me in this particular time of my life, an opportunity  that would affect my future on a big scale.



Following the daily post

Ready, Set, Done

Our free-write is back by popular demand: today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.


I think that we have already did this kind of tasks before. But, I don’t mind to repeat it again, because , last time I had to find an idea or something to talk about it. however, today I think that I am more familiar with writing 101 as well as the world press platform.

So, here it is ! a few weeks ago I applied for this nice non-profitable organization called the International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Science (AIESEC). And yesterday, I was informed that my application was taken into account. I am really excited for my interview tomorrow.

This is a good opportunity for me if I want to improve in the domain of public speaking, integrity, and embracing diversity. although, this is going to be my first interview, I am hopping to do good tomorrow and  get accepted by the local committee.

AIESEC’s motto is “Empowering Young People for Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential” and this can be the right  place for me to unleash my inner potential and meet the world.




Some happenings

Happy Radars


Are you a good judge of other people’s happiness? Tell us about a time you were spot on despite external hints to the contrary (or, alternatively, about a time you were dead wrong).

 I think that I am not at all a figure who can judge other people’s happiness. However, I am afraid to tell that when I was about to write this prompt today, my cousin and her little boy come to stop by. It appears that my sister asked her for a drive. Well after getting in and saying hello, she took my mother to the seating room where she starts to complain about her different problems. I have to say here in the first place  that I was not at all try in any way to bother to listen for what they are saying. After greetings, all I did is to take the sweet little boy and with some color pens, we started drawing a picture.

The truth is that I heard the some of the talk, for her voice was very loud and yet too loud to ignore it. In here voice there was an elusive trembling waves of rumbling disappointment and negativity. I have to remember that! for I spent most of the afternoon taking a long walk.

What I am disposed to maintain here is not this catalyst that made me write about this outrageous happening. But, that voice of remorse and regret, that voice of   irritation and despair that has encapsulated my walk with an unrestrained fear from tomorrow.