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Tunisian students wave Swastika during their baccalaureate sports celebrations

The sports celebrations has become an annual festivity and an important event that dominates our high schools at the end  of each year. A celebration, in which , every high school  strives for prominence through making the best (Dakhla) show. But, does waving a Nazi swastika make a good show, especially  if your high school is in Djerba, Tunisia, where a large number of Jews are supposed to be your neighbors.

 Actually, this is not the first time that such a thing occur. Last year too, the same action took place in another high school  with Hitler’s portrait and the event took a large public controversy on social media.  This irresponsible actions do not only questions the poor judgment and the poor knowledge of the 20th century history of our  high school students ,whom after passing the baccalaureate exams are going  to graduate and attend college next year, but also, raise the question of how much our Ministry of education, teachers, and school staff are supervising our kids in schools.

Personally , I hate the celebration not only because it can lead to such a reckless actions, but also, because the baccalaureate sports are essentially an exam and a test in the first place that is supposed to reflect the students commitment, physical fitness, and discipline. However, at the same time I do sympathize with our high school students and their striving for competition, because, I believe that they are unconsciously repressed. Actually, the use of swastika or Hitler’s portrait depicts not only what is going on in the heads of our teenagers and their approach to what is happening in their country of bloodshed, terror, and hostility. But also, it is associated with Daesh (Islamic State) and what is going on world-wide. Moreover, I think that Hitler’s portrait or the notion of swastika does indeed reflect  the lack of supervision, monitoring , and the sense of an idol among our future college boys.

Honestly, I do blame the Ministry of education for not only allowing such an appropriate celebration during an exam. But also, for misplacing our students energy and distracting their focus. In addition, I wonder why there is no real sports or cultural events and activities that take place between the high schools where students can turn their energy into something better and more targeted.

When I was in high school such activities were very rare and sometimes never happens. Indeed,  we didn’t even have clubs or any cultural activities. I remember that I had taken a drawing class as an option in my last year before graduation to learn a thing or two about art and painting techniques, and of course ,because, I wanted to avoid our 3rd language class.

To conclude, I believe such actions will occur again until we take a look into the social and psychological reasons that led to such a behavior that, though, took place last year and witnessed a massive critics on social media and television, they re-occur again with more gravity especially if you are attacking your neighbor.


A Morning Page

As I couldn’t find a good subject to write about this days, I felt that my inspiration had withered. Even the interesting daily prompts are not giving me any help. I am not saying here that the daily posts are stopping to be  motivating or enjoyable.But, as I am feeling down this last few days, I couldn’t accomplish any prompt.

I just set in front of my screen, read the prompt many times and then start to jump from one to another. Sometimes, I start to write a few words about a prompt. Then, I just stop. It’s like I am totally wearied or maybe it’s procrastination.

Seven days a week and all days are becoming the same. Although, I had two weeks break from school. I didn’t do anything original or something that might change my mood, or make me feel any better.

This week I am back to school. It’s good to see the friends, meet the teachers, get your grades, and re-embrace the college life.But, my friends and hanging out is not doing me any good. My teachers are blaming my low performance. And my grades are not well.

I am writing this post 3:09 am in the morning, which means that I am not getting enough sleep. My mind is empty and I am running out of cigarettes. I am losing balance.

I had a conversation with a friend yesterday at school about her future house, art, and motivation. Though, she had dominated most of the dialogue, I liked her motivation when she was talking about all the things that she loves and affects her. On the other hand, when she talked about art and how she could let go herself for the thing that might drive her beyond this world into another world of her own creation, imagination, and perception. A thought had crossed my mind about myself, about how I was not enjoying my time lately, about feeling down, and most of all how I could reincarnate myself and my motivation.

I was Blind to See

The dearest to see

Was always in front of me

Hand in hand we were free

To write our names on the ancient tree

We danced in the glee

The universe was about you and me

Your love was my ecstasy

And this is what we used to be

Today I am in agony

To let my heart for jealousy

To let my heart for bigotry

Now I know that your actions were made inadvertently

And I had interpreted them all wrongly

I had made them a certainty

To treat you indecently

Now I write my apology

And pleading repentantly

For all the hurt I made to thee.

A Room with a View

The daily prompt: A Room with a View (or Just a View)


Five continents for one man

but, the man is a lifer inside the sphere

and yet my little room is with a view

In the view I see a woman in red,

And dancing with high dark shoes

The setting is not rare if you’re familiar with this land

The avenue is full of  spontaneous gathering,

And one man playing the guitar…

the woman  is now  possessed by a divine inspiration

Starts to move her shoes, and knocking the ground with an uplifting tune

the sound is natural and loud

Gains his entry to the gathering’s soul

oh’ country of joy, country of muse

country of good wine and lot of arts too.