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Another Party

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “It’s My Party.”

I have just graduated, I have been waiting for this to happen impatiently all this year-long, at least not for myself, but for my parents who have paid a lot of money for my education so far and have supported me all this time.

As far as this prompt is concerned, I think that I have thrown two small parties for my graduation, two alcohol parties with some close friends. I have also made another party for my large family; it was more of big dinner than a party, a warm gathering with cousins, aunts, and grandparents. The reason for doing two things I mean one party for the friends and one dinner for the family is not because I am rich, but, because youth and grownups have a completely two different universes of discourse.

Now as far as the party that I want to have is concerned, I would like to have one on the beach at night, when the moon is full, a lot of candles for the light, music, and alcohol. I know that the scene may seem somehow romantic, but believe me with the friends that I have it will be very load, very crazy, and very exciting. Also, the place where I live is near the sea and when it is summer and full moon it is beautiful and splendid.

it’s just a post

After three weeks in the capital I am finally at home for the weekend. As a student among many others endeavoring their way for graduation and academic success, it is a joy to go back home and meet the family  members. The last few weeks where really tough, I was undermined by many successive  exams that almost killed me. Exams… what a nightmare !

Actually, I had gained some insight during those few weeks, because, under a certain amount of pressure I was able to manage myself. This is my last year as an undergraduate student and I am more determined to fulfill my goal and get my diploma.

My family is really contributing a lot for my academic and living expenses, I am in debt for all their efforts. And it will be great to graduate this year.