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How I die… hypothetically of course !

If you are reading this letter I have to tell you that you are the new species who have invaded the planet earth. whether you are some angel sent by god to retake the place of humans or the new reincarnated repented soul who have just made her way to salvation and reborn again, here is a funny story about how I have died.

I was 23 years old and it happened when I read this prompt on daily post.wordPress.com oh… if you don’t know what is Word Press or the daily post I have to tell you that is something on the Internet invented by humans  probably your species didn’t get to that level of progress yet, unless of course you are an alien and in which case I am not surprised that you can read this language. So, I was reading this prompt on the Internet asking me what could be the possible scenario in which I want to die… (exactly) (you read my mind) as if the man who takes lives is going to tell me when or where?Or maybe he will send  a letter , a text message or guess what an e-mail? I am really hoping that who ever read this he is not an alien, because they are smart green creatures  and probably have invited something more sophisticated than a text message, an e-mail, or the Internet.

Back to how I died I need to tell you that it was pretty much awkward, because I died naked and when my soul went up up through the seven skies I was wondering how much embracing it would be when I will met with the tough guy up there but it turned to be funny because I ran into many other naked souls that were I guess not much lucky who had to travel all the way like they were first-born. NOW, if you are wondering how I ended up dying naked, it is simple. It was summer, very hot, I was in my late seventies and I had to take a shower, you know the rest. I know it is not what I have always planned as a perfect death but this is because I hate to think about it or maybe because I don’t want to die lonely or old that’s why I have started smoking so that I can die before sixty, but you know what dear alien it didn’t happen. I died lonely and old and wrinkled and every female naked soul had to make fun of me. Well i guess not everything you wish in life always happen.