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Tunisian students wave Swastika during their baccalaureate sports celebrations

The sports celebrations has become an annual festivity and an important event that dominates our high schools at the end  of each year. A celebration, in which , every high school  strives for prominence through making the best (Dakhla) show. But, does waving a Nazi swastika make a good show, especially  if your high school is in Djerba, Tunisia, where a large number of Jews are supposed to be your neighbors.

 Actually, this is not the first time that such a thing occur. Last year too, the same action took place in another high school  with Hitler’s portrait and the event took a large public controversy on social media.  This irresponsible actions do not only questions the poor judgment and the poor knowledge of the 20th century history of our  high school students ,whom after passing the baccalaureate exams are going  to graduate and attend college next year, but also, raise the question of how much our Ministry of education, teachers, and school staff are supervising our kids in schools.

Personally , I hate the celebration not only because it can lead to such a reckless actions, but also, because the baccalaureate sports are essentially an exam and a test in the first place that is supposed to reflect the students commitment, physical fitness, and discipline. However, at the same time I do sympathize with our high school students and their striving for competition, because, I believe that they are unconsciously repressed. Actually, the use of swastika or Hitler’s portrait depicts not only what is going on in the heads of our teenagers and their approach to what is happening in their country of bloodshed, terror, and hostility. But also, it is associated with Daesh (Islamic State) and what is going on world-wide. Moreover, I think that Hitler’s portrait or the notion of swastika does indeed reflect  the lack of supervision, monitoring , and the sense of an idol among our future college boys.

Honestly, I do blame the Ministry of education for not only allowing such an appropriate celebration during an exam. But also, for misplacing our students energy and distracting their focus. In addition, I wonder why there is no real sports or cultural events and activities that take place between the high schools where students can turn their energy into something better and more targeted.

When I was in high school such activities were very rare and sometimes never happens. Indeed,  we didn’t even have clubs or any cultural activities. I remember that I had taken a drawing class as an option in my last year before graduation to learn a thing or two about art and painting techniques, and of course ,because, I wanted to avoid our 3rd language class.

To conclude, I believe such actions will occur again until we take a look into the social and psychological reasons that led to such a behavior that, though, took place last year and witnessed a massive critics on social media and television, they re-occur again with more gravity especially if you are attacking your neighbor.


November 23; The Tunisian Presidential Election


As a member in the Tunisian Association for the Integrity of Elections and Democracy ( ATIDE) I will be a witness for the Presidential Elections that take place the 23 of November. This national and non-governmental organization has been there in the two previous parliamentary elections as a significant association that has watched and observed the Electoral process. As a part of this organization I am very glad to have and enjoy such an experience for it is and will remain one of the uplifting recollections.

Although tomorrow I am going to choose one of the delegates to be my president for the next five years- and this is the question that is making me write this post- I wonder what would make a 22 years old man like myself would choose one of this delegates ? what would make me choose one of them who are very old and creepy ? those who have been manipulating us the people and youth! we made a revolution so that youth could be empowered and  speak his mind and have a saying in his future, however, one of the delegates is over eighty, scientifically he has nothing to give right ? how is he going to deal with all what this country and people are hoping for? My work with this organization is a voluntary work  and as a part of the civil society , there is a saying that says” there is nothing stronger than a voluntary heart “. I am part of many others that though we have been overridden by politics, manipulation, and twisted speeches I still have to wear my badge tomorrow and be there in the voting center so that I may not be guilty in the eyes of the next generations .